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Project handling and production from a single source.

We are your experts in technical plant and special plant construction. We advise you in the areas of sound insulation and process air treatment, pressure vessel construction and steel construction and will be happy to implement this directly at your request.


In order to be able to react flexibly and promptly to all of our customers' requirements, we maintain our own production line located in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, we can fall back on a large network of manufacturers (pressure vessel builders, metal workers) and assembly companies.


Conceptual design, layout and construction

Martin Muschalik Projektmanagement can offer the complete development process for the respective products, from concept creation to design and construction. Calculation of the statics and strength calculations are carried out with excellent partners. Well-equipped manufacturing companies are available for the implementation and manufacture of the product groups.


Product concept

Imlementation and contract manufacturing

With my own production company and partner companies in the Czech Republic and Poland, projects in the field of thin sheet metal (1-3 mm thick), steel construction (4-30 mm thick), container construction, structural engineering and pressure vessel construction can be realised. The individual components can be color-coated, galvanized and made from different material grades (black steels, stainless steels, etc.).


Manufacturing concept

Order processing and project monitoring

Today's project business has accelerated extremely. You have to be able to react immediately and above all flexibly to developments. Martin Muschalik Projektmanagement supports you in your projects and the associated order processing so that you can use your resources more effectively. Here you get the complete care and support in the development of your solutions in the field of machine and special plant construction from a single source.

Support concept

Branches and industries

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • Power plant construction

  • Mechanical and plant engineering

  • Ventilation fans

  • Compressor

  • CHP

  • Paper industry

  • Cement industry

  • Environmental engineering

Our specialization in the field of sound insulation

  • Measurements on site

  • Problem analysis in existing systems

  • Calculation

  • Draft planning and measurement

  • Design and construction of the individual soundproofing components

  • Manufacture of the components

  • Installation and assembly on site

  • acoustical enclosures

  • acoustical walls

  • noise-reducing hall ceilings

  • inlet silencer

  • pressure silencer (pressure vessel)

  • pipe silencer

  • silencer for Blow-Off valve

  • cone diffusors

  • suction towers

  • filter systems


about me

I founded the company Martin Muschalik Projektmanagement in order to be able to provide my customers with the best possible service, the best possible support and the best possible quality.

I was able to gather my experience in the field of environmental technology, such as the development and construction of special systems for cleaning process exhaust gases for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry and in the field of technical noise protection and air treatment. Most recently, I was fully responsible for the design, calculation, construction , project management and support for customers of national and international listed companies.

This know-how is now 100% available to you.



Martin Muschalik Projektmanagement

Owner/ Managing Director

MMP Tech s.r.o.


The company Martin Muschalik Projektmanagement is located in the immediate vicinity of the company LiLaMETALLINC.


Oberer Ladenberg 13

01816 Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel



Tel:  +49 35023 514509

MMP Tech s.r.o.
Production Place

Dubenec 131

26101 Dubenec



Tel:  +49 35023 514509


For inquiries, questions or comments, simply send an email to We will respond immediately.

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